Welcome to Timeless Football


Timeless Football began as a hobby, collecting, buying and selling rare and vintage football shirts and boots. As of January 2016 the hobby became a business and Timeless Football was registered as a Limited Company. Our ethos is still to buy and sell items we personally love ranging from vintage shirts and football clothing from as far back as the 1980s to brand new dead stock in both shirts and boots. 
As one of the directors, my own personal interest in Shirts and boots came in the 1997-1998 season. National sides like Jamaica, South Africa, Mexico and Chile had some tremendous shirts at the 1998 world cup and I was always fond of the Premier League kits from that season, particular the efforts from Pony (Spurs, Southampton and West Ham) and that bright orange Sheffield Wednesday puma away shirt made famous by Di Canio and co. This was also around the time I got my first pair of proper football boots, funded from birthdays and pocket money and brought to the counter of JJB Sports in a Action Man coin tin. These were a pair of Adidas Predator Accelerators. A succession of these followed until Nike step upped their game and I converted from Adidas Predators to Mercurial Vapors. I was now convinced I was faster on the pitch, but was slightly worried my shot power was now diminished! (Kudos to both Nike and Adidas' marketing team for that one).
Nowadays on the playing side of things my interests lie mainly in the egg shaped variety of ball. However, football is still a great passion of mine. My shirt interests are far ranging, but I still have a particular interest in the 1998 world cup alongside vintage Serie A and South American shirts. Boots wise, my interest is now mainly lesser known brands- Mizuno, Asics and Diadora but I still have a soft spot for classic Adidas Predators. 
Hope you enjoy our site and to welcome you further here's a video of Roberto Baggio scoring one of my favorite goals of all time: