Review of 2016 Part 1- Top 10 Shirts sold this year.

OK so 2016 was Timeless Football's first year in business and it's been a blast! Targets have been met, we've made some amazing contacts and had some fantastic items in stock! We even had a football tournament and made our very own Timeless Football shirts (free with every order over £100!)

To celebrate not only this year, but it being our first year in business, I have gone through a run through of our top 10 shirts, player name shirts, boots and clothing items we've sold this year. Hope you enjoy. 


In no particular order here are our top 10 shirts we've sold this year:

  1.  Arsenal 1991-1993 Away Bruised Banana Shirt. You can't have a top 10 list without a bruised banana shirt! SO bad it's good and one that never stays in store long once we get one in stock, fantastic shirt. 
  2. Fiorentina 2001-2002 Third Shirt BNWT L/S- To start off any business you have to get stock, it's obvious. For whatever reason one of our first big stock purchases was full of BNWT fiorentina shirts from the early to mid 2000s. There's always been something very cool about Viola's kits from the Fila Ninentdo numbers of the 90s (See Below) to the Lotto and Le Coq Sportif versions more recently. However, I love these Mizuno range of kits because it was just prior to Fiorentina going bankrupt and going down to Serie C before rebuilding and because Mizuno is just not a brand you see making kits anymore. Their boots are a timeless football favourite, but we don't have a whole host of their kits excluding early 90s J League shirts. Even better is the fact it is long sleeved, a rare away colour and was brand new with tags and bags. 
  3. ASSE 1990-1991 Home Shirt- Like Viola, Les Verts always produce some fantastic kits and it's no wonder they both have Le Coq as their kit manufacturer these days. The contrasting huge 'Casino' sponsor is fantastic as was the whole texture and feel on the material of this shirt. 
  4. PSG 1992-1992 Home Shirt BNWT- Old Nike Logo- Check. Classic PSG colours- Check. Retro Gaming console sponsor- Check. OH don't tell me it's BNWT condition as well?!?! Perfect shirt. 
  5. Penarol 2000-2001 Home Shirt - Rare shirt from the Uruguan powerhouses made by Umbro, Love the sponsor. Cracking shirt. 
  6. Fiorentina 1997-1998 Home Shirt- See above for my thoughts on Fiorentina. Almost feel like you could blast a free kick through a fence Batigol style wearing this, on and it was BNWT. 
  7. Barcelona 1992-1995 Away Shirt- Just something about Kappa in the 90s that does it. We love Kappa and the great Romario wore this. Fantastic shirt. 
  8. Brescia 1997-1998 Away Shirt- Fantastic sublimated detailing within this shirt which makes it look fantastic. Even before Baggio Brescia had some extremely aesthetically pleasing kits. 
  9. Newcastle United 1995-1996 Away Shirt- Keegan, Ferdinand, Albertz, Asprilla, I need to say anymore? Well I have to with this shirt. Turns out there's a sports shop in somewhere in Spain, location unknown, that has tonnes of these in stock (alongside other adidas 90s deadstock) and doesn't really know their full worth. From a collectors stand point stories like that are what make this worth doing!
  10. Boca 1998-1999 Home Shirt- Does Boca ever produce a bad shirt? Fantastic. 

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