Review of 2016 Part 4- Top 10 Clothes sold this year.

There's nothing better than rocking up to 5 a side and wearing a full Napoli Tracksuit to warm up in or a Ado Den Haag baseball cap as you sip a cold pint after the match. The weird and wonderful seems to come out in the clothing side of Replica Football wear as unlike the shirts, you have no record as to why it was produced. Is it leisure wear? Training gear? Did Zidane wear this on the touchline? You often don't really ever know but 9 times out of 10 they look cool as fuck anyway. 



      1.  Juventus 1998-1999 Kappa Track Jacket- We got into selling clothing off the back of Kappa Football Track Jackets. Just look at it. 
      2. AC Milan Lotto Satin Baseball Jacket- Just read the title of this and tell me how this cannot be considered as anything other than fantastic?!?!
      3. Tottenham 1997-1998 Pony Sweatshirt- Whatever happened to pony? I know a lot of people who will state that the brand was just what it says it is..."Pony," but to me it is a brand that is iconic of the early days of the English Premier League. Days where any foreign player was a cause for excitement and Manchester United were actually good! Southampton, West Ham and Spurs were the teams that had Pony as there manufacturer. The crewneck is a classic also as it has the old Spurs badge which was only used for the 1997-1998 season. Ideal for anyone who wants to go down the park, stick on their copa mundials and wear this during the winter months and pretend to Jose Dominguez or Jason Dozzell. 
      4. Juventus 94-95 Track Top- Kappa Track Top + Juventus + Danone = Full on Wavey Garms attire. 
      5. Roma Ennerre Barilla Track Jacket- Ennerre was one of those brands that just disappeared. I forgot I had this jacket for months but it is super rare and didn't last long once I put it up on here. Iconic 80s Serie A piece.
      6. Arsenal 90s Windbreaker- This had a HUGE Nike backprint on the reverse. Not a lot highlights the UK 90s Aesthetic than this jacket. 
      7. Roma Asics 1994-1995 Waterproof Jacket- Another cracking piece that you can imagine a young Totti chilling in on the bench. 
      8. Arsenal 1995-1996 Drill Top- The Old School Arsenal Font + The Adidas Premier badge really make this. I used to hate drill tops (and Arsenal for that matter) but still love this!
      9. Sampdoria 2000-2001 Waterproof Jacket- Take off the motif's and logos and I swear this is the same jacket from a Paul Smith season a few years ago! Joking aside, this is a piece of Football Jacket History! Dreamcast + Asics + Sampdoria in waterproof form? Match made in heaven. 
      10. Ado Den Haag Fila Track Top- Does it get much more obscure than this? Fantastic.