The vast majority of the shirts sold on this site are in vintage/worn condition. Some are over 35 years old. Other shirts have printing to either the sponsor or the name sets on the back. Therefore we highly recommend these are treated with care in order to keep the shirt  and/or print as long lasting as possible.

When washing we recommend you:

  • Seperate from other products.
  • Hand wash preferably OR at the lowest temperatures you can in a washing machine. 
  • Do not use a tumble dryer for any of the products. 


A large proportion of the boots we sell are brand new or as new in condition. Standard aftercare advise should be adhered when using these boots.  You may want to look into leather food for K-Leather boots and we recommend you wash and clean your boots after use to keep them as long lasting as possible.

Vintage, worn and old deadstock boots are worn at the buyer's discretion and Timeless Football cannot be accountable for anything that comes from playing in the boots including general wear and tear. It is the buyers responsibility to ensure that any boots purchased from Timeless Football are suitable for playing, i.e correct, tightened studs, correct sole for the conditions and are at the correct fit for the buyer. 


Any further questions on how to look after your products from Timeless Football please contact us directly at