Are all your products second hand?

No, whilst the vast majority of our products are in vintage condition we also stock a number of brand new shirts from recent seasons as well as brand new deadstock from the 1990s onwards, often complete with tags and original packaging.  The condition of the vintage shirts have all been accurately assessed and a rating out of 10 has been given. Please note that some of the shirts we sell are over 30 years old and the condition will often reflect the age of the shirt.
Are these genuine official shirts?
All the shirts we sell, to the best of our knowledge, are authentic, official, products. Timeless Football have almost 20 years experience in  buying and selling Football Shirts and do not sell counterfeit items or recent reproductions from places like Thailand. Whilst all the shirts are official genuine items, we cannot guarantee that all of the name sets are professionally applied or the correct original name sets for that particular shirt. This is due to the fact that, the vintage shirts in particular, come from a variety of sources and in recent years fans have taken to applying there own name sets onto shirts. However we will always state when a name set is incorrect or when we know that the name set is an original.

Are they replica or match worn? 
The majority of the shirts we sell are official licensed replica's. However we do, from time to time, sell match issue and match worn shirts. These come from trusted reliable sources.
Will this shirt fit me? 
All the sizing is stated on the listing itself but please contact info@timelessfootball.co.uk if you need any advice on the fit, or sizing on any shirt. Please be aware also that more modern shirts tend to be tighter fitting and some vintage, 90s in particular, fit large for their size. When applicable we do state this on our product listings. 

Can you source me a specific shirt?
Yes, if you email info@timelessfootball.co.uk we can see what we can do. We have a number of regular stock avenues and if you are after something in particular we can usually source it for you. You have to bear in mind though, anything before the late 70s is going to be a replica reproduction rather than an original due to when replica shirts became comercially available. Match issue are also going to be hard to come across and if you are after a specific name set on the back it is often difficult to locate one, in good condition, that isn't a modern reproduction, if it is from say the mid 90s. (When names and numbers were first introduced). 



Are these all brand new? 
A large majority of the boots we stock are brand new in box, of which some are deadstock Some are in vintage condition

Can I wear these boots to play in?

Some of the boots are in vintage, worn condition. Wearing these to play in is at the buyers own discretion and purchasing the boots means you are fully aware that you are buying a vintage, worn or deadstock pair of boots and therefore Timeless Football cannot be held accountable for any damage or general wear which occurs after purpose.  Brand new boots are fine to be worn for training or in competitive matches. 

Can you source a specific pair i'm after?

Yes, if you contact info@timelessfootball.co.uk, we are often able to source rare, new and vintage boots. 

Are the the boots authentic?

Yes, like our shirts we do not sell fakes. It's been somewhat of a recent phenomenon in the football boot world, but there are some fakes out there, usually made from China. Timeless football's stock is all authentic and original. 


Do you deliver abroad?

Yes we deliver worldwide.

UK 1 to 6 Shirts/Clothes £4        Boots £7

EU 1 to 6 Shirts/Clothes £10      Boots £15

Worldwide 1 to 6 Shirts / clothes £14   Boots £20

How quickly will I get my item?

All orders will be dispatched within 3 days of purchase. For UK orders we use standard UK first class recorded which is estimated delivery within 1 to 3 working days. These will require a signature from the customer. For International orders we will ALWAYS use a tracked and signed service, which will be insured. Obviously international orders take a bit longer, EU is estimated 5-7 working days, rest of the world 7-10 working days. 

Can you send the item cheaper?

No, we use insured, tracked, services to help the customer get a better service. This is something i'm afraid cannot be negotiated. 

Does the postage cost change if I order more than one shirt? It is £1 extra for each additional shirt purchased up to 5 shirts.  There will not be combined postage on boots due to weight. 


Which forms of payment do you accept?:

We accept all major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Maestro), and PayPal. 

Can you do bulk deals? Will you accept offers on the products?

Yes, if you are looking to buy a number of shirts or boots we can always try and sort some sort of bulk deal within reason. Similarly, if you do want to make any offers, sensible ones will be considered. Please contact timelessfootball@gmail.com for further info.

Do you accept returns?

Returns are not accepted on the grounds of flaws that are clearly stated on the description. Similarly, returns are not accepted if the item does not fit, unless the size is inaccurate on the item. 

Returns are accepted for any defective or damaged items OR items which have been not described as sold.  Customers must notify us of any defects within 7 days of receiving the item. 


Anything else? More questions?

Please contact